Paediatric Exercise Programs

Encourage. Develop. Grow.

What We Do

The MiniGym, Unigym and iFit Paediatric Exercise Programs at UWA, aim to provide a positive environment in which children and youth can develop movement skills and participate in physical activity. Drawing on clinical experience and evidence-based practice, the Paediatric Exercise Programs provide tailored not-for-profit exercise programs to the wider community to encourage and assist WA children and youth with physical activity and participation.

Who Can Participate?

Participation in our programs is open to any child who:

Faces difficulties learning/ performing movement skills at an age-appropriate level
Lacks the confidence and/or skills to participate in physical activity with their peers
Would like to participate in community sport, but needs assistance relating to that sport
Would benefit from socialising with children facing similar challenges

Our Programs

MiniGym/MiniGymX is a fun movement education program designed to equip parents to actively engage and teach movement skills with their child, from ages 3-7 years.

Unigym is a movement program for children who have difficulty learning and performing fundamental movement skills at an age appropriate level

iFit is designed for 9 to 15 year olds to assist and facilitate their capacity to engage in sport or physical recreational opportunities in the community.